AI Startup Neokami Raises $1.1M in Seed Round

Neokami, a Munich based startup that is focused on developing Artificial Intelligence, had closed a $1.1 million seed round from angel investors Josef Brunner and Tom Noonan.

It recently graduated from Wayra Germany, the accelerator program run by Telco Telefonica, and the company claims that its mission is to “help companies join the AI revolution.”

Commenting on the matter, Neokami CEO and Co-founder, Ozel Christo stated, “I think executives at top firms have all heard of AI and know intuitively that it could help them run their businesses better and more securely.However there is a huge skills gap in the construction, implementation and integration of AI algorithms. In addition it is not entirely clear how exactly AI can be used for their specific organisation. We fill this gap through on-site integration, customer engineering, our developer APIs and our AI-powered products.”

Neokami’s AI products span a range of different use cases, from social media monitoring, image analysis to CRM. A real-time emotional heat map was its first product.

Christo added, “We connected the Twitter API to our sentiment analysis algorithms for a beautiful real-time geographic emotion visualisation.Developers can tap into our API and access our sentiment analysis altos. In the future we will also add search.”

Neokami’s AI tech gives paramount importance to cybersecurity. The tech is employed for “cloud data sensitivity management” which means identifying and locating sensitive documents that are, perhaps inappropriately, stored in the cloud.

The company is competing with the likes of Skytree, and, reports Techcrunch.

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