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5 Reasons Why Coupons Are Still Relevant for Online Shopping

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Over the last few years the dynamics of shopping have changed drastically with retail stores slowly declining as the preferred shopping destination and the gap being filled by online stores. By the end of this year India will have 100 million online shoppers according to Google. Online shopping trend is setting in, and it is here to stay. With the increase in number of online shoppers, the number of purchases made by them will increase too.

Online retail stores are attracting customers in large numbers with their attractive deals and offers all year round. Because of the already present discounting available on the eCommerce sites one tends to forget the need of visiting couponing sites to look for Flipkart , Amazon, Jabong discount coupons etc. However the essence of couponing sites has not been lost still.

Here are five reasons why one should still use coupons while shopping online:

  1. They are free & help you save some extra cash: Sites like CouponMama, Coupondunia etc. let you browse through the exhaustive list of stores they have, so that you can choose what offer your favourite store is giving.
  2. Discounts are dying, coupons are not: While online stores are gradually bringing down the on site discount they offer, they are still giving out coupon codes.
  3. Coupon sites help in deal discovery:  You don’t need to open multiple stores (which are endless now) to see where can you get the best deal. All coupon sites have an exhaustive list of active deals across stores, you just need to open a coupon store or two to know what’s the hottest deal in town.
  4. They are a lifesaver during non sale periods: Want to buy an expensive camera but waiting for the Dhamaka sale? You shouldn’t. Sites run product specific discounts as well, which can be found on couponing sites. Or there are coupons which gets us discount on products of companies which otherwise never give their items on discounted price.
  5. Coupon sites have evolved: Most of the good coupon sites these days respect their visitors’ time. They go an extra mile to ensure that the active coupons they are listing actually work. So no more turning away from them because of a bad UX.

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