10 Tips on Hiring the Right Talent for Your Organization


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Author: Rakesh Kalra, Founder and CEO, UrbanPro 

Employees are the backbone of any organization, and this is the very reason why all companies are fiercely competing to win over the best talents. No matter whether you run a small, medium or big company, it is crucial for you to hire the right talent to help your company grow. Oftentimes, hiring the right talent is difficult and tedious, than you actually think.

Here are top 10 strategies to hire the best talent:

1. Have a recruitment plan in advance

There will be certain talent requirements down the line and to fill those positions, an organization has to keep an open eye in the job market. Why? Like all the best things in the world, top talents are not people you would find every day looking for a job. Initiate the hiring process, by creating a recruitment road map with the department heads as soon as a need is recognized. Conduct interviews and make offers before they are hired by your competitors.

2. Involve top management in hiring

Well, this is not something every organization, especially the large companies can do. Involving top management in the hiring process offers one major benefit, it helps to work with HR and hiring manager to hire a candidate who is best fit for the company. When the top management comes in hiring picture, the company’s visions get communicated well to the potential candidate and goes a long way in building a solid team.

3. Always hire the best resource

Your company is as good as your employees. The growth of your organization depends a lot on the performance of your employees. It is always worth to hire top performers who are already experts in their respective fields, thinks out of the box and most importantly have potential to contribute in building a vibrant team. In my decade-old career as a CEO, I came across a recurrent problem of wasting top resources’ time on fixing problems created by low performers. So hiring people who can add values to your company, becomes crucial for the long-term growth of your company.

4. Evaluate cultural fit of a candidate

Hiring a ‘cultural fit’ candidate is essential to build a thriving team and a successful company. Most of the companies incur huge cost as a result of hiring the ‘wrong fit’ candidate, who is not able to align with the company culture and broader values. Cultural fit becomes a critical selection criteria for a role which demands regular interactions with various departments to deliver business results.

5. Look for passion

Adding employee in your company is a fairly easy task, when compared to hiring the best employee. While hiring, companies should look for candidates who are passionate about what they do and believe in putting their heart & soul into their work. While knowing how passionate a potential candidate is requires a little more effort, but it is worth the time and effort put in place. Passionate employees tend to go that extra mile to achieve the perfect output or business results while serving a client or working on a project.

6. Build a positive work environment

Work environment plays a critical role in attracting and retaining top talents. People often look for a corporate environment which is social, has ample growth opportunities, and ‘fair’ above all. When it comes to joining a company, the best candidates are conscious in choosing a company with great work environment.

7. Promote your existing employees

Promoting your current employees to the next level does become an attractive factor in gaining the attention of top candidates. When you take few eligible existing employees to the next level, it automatically creates an image of growth oriented company where talents are nurtured and given ample opportunities to grow. This is attractive to a potential candidate, as it would ensure them of climbing the corporate ladder.

8. Tap into your employees’ networks

Another way of bringing the best resources on board is by tapping into your employees’ networks. This gives an added advantage of knowing whether the candidate would be a fit for the role or how passionate is he about his work.

9. Build social presence

Creating visibility for your company through social channels is important to attract the right talents. It can be a good strategy to advertise your brand name and attract talent pool. Whether it’s the management, employees, or HR, posting company related updates in social channels, it is a sure way to attract eyeballs from potential employees.

10. Let the candidate interview you

An interview is always a two-way process. Never imagine the best talent would be very glad to join your company, as soon as you roll out an offer. As already stated, best talents are in great demand and highly sought after candidates know their worth, so they would look into all pros and cons before joining your organization. It not just they who need to upsell their skills and competencies to you, even as a company you need to sell your organizations as one of the best to work with.

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