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How Virtual Collaboration Can Change Education Industry In India

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As per a recent report by Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF)- India has more over 1.4 million schools and 35,000 higher educational institutes making it to be an important educational center in the global education industry. It also mentions that, one of India’s biggest challenges as well as opportunities, is it’s growing young (tech-savvy) population.

Technology has come a long way allowing students to adapt a smart way of learning, but the question is – Are education institutes implementing the latest technology to reach out to modern students and parents who are quickly adopting smart devices in their day-to-day lives?

Current education pattern and state of technology being used to manage operation

While technology has advanced, many institutes are still offering traditional schooling experience where students are provided content mostly via paperwork and parents are kept in the loop  over the phone. This practice can be good for students and parents who aren’t tech-savvy, however people in India are quickly plunging into technology. Therefore, involving smart technology will surely help institutes to fill the gap between educators, students, and parents.

In the last decade, computers were the major form of technology that allowed students to work on assignments, do research, and connect with other classmates. However, today, there are many ways in which they can benefit. For one, a virtual collaboration tool is seen to bridge the gap between busy educators and tech-savvy students.

How virtual collaboration tools can help educational institutions

Allow educators to reach tech-savvy students and modern parents

Virtual collaboration tools allow educators to embrace the technologies that are already being used by students and parents. Compared to traditional Internet technologies, a virtual collaboration tool offers simpler and effective ways to fill the technology gap. It also allows educators with a centralized platform to publish information or share materials on special events so that students and parents, both, can tap into that information anytime from anywhere. Also, in case of individual student’s feedback, these tools  allow educators  to create a personal chat session with parents,  whenever critically critically required. the most.

Cope up with students who have missed on sessions

Due to bad weather or illness,  students may miss out on important lectures, and catching up with those students has always been a challenge for many educators. A virtual collaboration tool will help educators to secure all important details and home assignments at one place which can be accessed by absentees to ensure they do not miss on important sessions in those helpless scenarios.

Perform onboarding session and enhance employee development

When a new educator is hired, it becomes necessary they quickly adapt the policies, and job expectations. A virtual collaboration tool will help new hires with smart onboarding  practices that allow them to interact with existing educators, instantly via messaging features, and also allows easy access to existing discussions- all from a centralized system. Offering them the ability to leverage such capabilities which  can boost employee development.

Encourage collaborative learning

Learning has no age limit,, nowadays there are many office-goers who wish to continue studying for brighter career advancements. But hectic work schedules often make it difficult for them to cope up with educational opportunities. A virtual collaboration tool will help institutes encourage virtual collaborative learning, providing all materials under one roof. This makes it easier for students, especially distant  learners to access information, anytime, from any of their smart devices, using the Internet. Such tools also allow institutes to create alumni groups to maintain student profiles, post reunion announcements and job opportunities, as well as other information that will help former students to easily reconnect.

Benefits of Education Industry

Streamlined education

A virtual collaboration tool will allow educators  to create a virtual classroom and easily add students to join their class. This way students can view, and access their daily assignments according to their convenience. Allowing educators  to start discussions in real-time, these tools will keep students updated and be on track, even when away from the institute.

Significant cost reduction

Craving for high results with limited funding continues to be the biggest challenge for institutes in India, and economic conditions threaten educational investments even further. A virtual collaboration tool will ensure organized, innovative, less-costly ways to enhance the learning process, allowing educational institutes to do more with less.

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