[Infographic] 16 Startup Accelerators in India

Startup Accelerators hold significant importance in a country like India where Entrepreneurs are launching new startups everyday and changing the game of business by minutes. And, entrepreneurs have often asked us on a recommended list of accelerators for Indian startups. How much do they invest? How much equity do they take? Portfolio Focus, Programme Duration, and much more?

So here is a list of 16 accelerators for Indian startups along with their funding ranges, focus areas, and programme duration.

final infographic ver3


Startup accelerators in the above infographic

1. iAccelerator

2. The Startup Centre

3. Microsoft Ventures

4. GSF India

5. Venture Nursery

6. TLabs

7. 5ideas

8. Kyron

9. Freemont Partners

10. Catelyzer

11. ZoneStartups

12. Target Accelerator

13. 500 Startups

14. Y Combinator

15. Startup Chile

16. GHV Accelerator

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