Snapshopr: A Visual Search and Image Recognition Search Solution Provider

1. What is Snapshopr? 

Co-founded by Navneet Sharma and Debashish Pattnaik, along with Vivek Gandhi as a  team member in 2014, Snapshopr is a deep learning startup that offers Visual Search and Image Recognition solutions for products to brands, retailers and mobile apps developers.


Debashsish and Navneet

2.  What led to the conception of this idea?

The idea of Snapshopr came out of a personal experience in early 2014 when Navneet  saw a mannequin wearing a really nice dress and wanted to buy that as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. However, the dress was exorbitant. Hence, he started looking for similar dresses but with an affordable price on eCommerce sites. Unfortunately, he could not find anything similar online using the search feature of those sites, and it was then that it occurred to him that finding a way for visual search was imperative.

He discussed this idea with Debashish and a couple of months later, they came together to build the solution.

3. How does it work?

The image search platform offered by Snapshopr enables users to discover what they want at the click of a button. All one has to do is, take a picture of what one likes and put it on search. The engine would then search through millions of possible matches, rank them and prioritize them before sending the options to the user.


4. What problems is it catering to?

The solution helps online retailers improve their retention and conversion numbers as it provides the customer with the closest of options to what a he/she wants to buy.

5. What is the product’s USP?

Snapshopr’s USP is its proprietary technology that has been built using the applied deep learning research by the founding team. “Snapshopr is Shazam for photos”, says Navneet.

6. Traction Status

Snapshopr has a few pilot customers working with it for its vision platform. The users can expect to see Snapshopr’s integration into some of their favorite shopping apps soon.

7. How does it monetize?

“We monetize by charging our customers for the API calls their apps make to our vision platform.(It’s Recognition-as-a-Service similar to how SaaS works.)”, maintains Navneet.

8. Fund and Investment

The startup is bootstrapped currently. It will go for external funding in due time.

9.Where is it based out of?



Critique: Many a time, shoppers have a preconceived idea about what to shop, often fixated to a particular design, pattern, print, colour etc. However, despite the common search filters available to them on a site/ app, the users are denied of the satisfaction of making a search on the microscopic level. Hence, a solution offering image recognition and visual search would definitely come in handy in such cases.

A few of the other players in this arena are Wazzat, Viscovery, In a Snap etc.

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