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“Drawing $30M in Revenue Annually”, Simplilearn CEO Krishna Kumar Talks About Online Education in India and More

Shown Above: Krishna Kumar, CEO, Simplilearn

iamWire: How do you attempt to change the Indian mindset regarding online courses

The Indian mindset is slowly changing about the courses easily available online as we offer specific and focused programs as per the needs of the user. Everyone uses Youtube and internet to learn something or the other, so we just provide them with verified and structured information to help them professionally. Knowledge here, is available from an expert sitting miles away, who is experienced in the particular segment.

iamWire: Are courses market ready or just detailed information based tutorials?

Our courses are a specific set of skills which enhances a person’s ability. We don’t teach people from ground zero, we enhance skills of professionals to make them more efficient and success worthy.

iamWire: Who are the expert instructors ? How do you find them?

Our experts are experienced professionals or long time teachers with a reputation of excellence. We find them online through social media site and encourage them to use our portal to spread their knowledge. We also seek reviews by students/learners about the instructors to maintain quality.

iamWire: Can these instructors make a living by working just for Simplilearn?

Yes, there are instructors who make over a lakh Rupees only by teaching on simplilearn. There are multiple options for instructors to contribute and get the deserved remuneration for it.

iamWire: How is the reception in the American market for your courses?

In America, we are not competing with big institutes, instead we are competing with local trainers who operate individually to teach skills and techniques. Our features such as 24 hour support and money back guarantee are very well received there.

iamWire: What ideas are you going to use to take on distance courses by university and coursera?

We are different than distance education courses as we do not take years to impart knowledge neither do we teach collateral subjects. Similarly, we are different than Coursera as we target working professionals who wish to enhance their skills rather than students and freshers who are targeted by Coursera for enhanced education. Thus, we do not need to take on them.

iamWire: Are you looking forward to any affiliations with universities or institutes in the recent future?

Not now for sure, we are more interested in tie-ups with giant companies like Google and Microsoft to impart knowledge and exposure about the industry to our students.

iamWire: Any placement assistance provided by Simplilearn?

No, our users already have their job. All they want is to do better or get promoted. So, we only concentrate on skill development of our users.

iamWire: How much revenue are you drawing on a quarterly basis? Any plans to raise next round of funding?

We roughly draw $2.5 million a month, resulting in $30 million a year. As of now we don’t have any new funding news to disclose but it’s always good to have backers in future.

iamWire: How will Simplilearn expand in coming years?

We will be increasing the courses we offer. As of now, we provide 250 courses and are actively searching for new vistas in demand. Most of our courses are around IT and marketing presently. We will look to start courses in finance, HR and other sectors. We may also look forward to provide knowledge in regional languages.

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