Rancher Labs Raise $10M Funding from Mayfield and Nexus Venture Partners

rancher os

Graphic Representation of RancherOS Framework

Rancher Labs, a startup that develops Docker infrastructure software has raised an investment of $10 million in Series A from Mayfield and Nexus Venture Partners.

The funding will be used to for product development and for company’s engineering and development teams growth, as reported by the company in its official blog post.

The US based startup develops next generation cloud software. It develops container technology to help companies in Docker management.

Due to the rapid adoption of container technology, the company’s open source software has helped organisations by allowing them to run containers in production, across any cloud.

Based on current requirements, the company is developing innovative solutions for container infrastructure, including networking, load balancing, monitoring and storage, designed specifically for containers.

“Containers are quickly becoming the de-facto large-scale production platform for application deployment. Our goal is to provide organizations with the tools needed to take full advantage of container technology” said Sheng Liang, Co-founder and CEO of Rancher Labs.

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