Updated: TOI Claims and Retracts over Housing’s CEO position

Once again, Times Group has managed to make Housing’s Rahul Yadav trend all over social media.

As it is commonly known, just last month Housing’s CEO had stepped down from his position, but soon withdrew his resignation after a discussion with the board.

BCCL’s publication Times of India announced in an article that Yadav has again resigned, and this time for good. In no time, the news spread like wildfire over Facebook and Twitter, even making ‘Rahul Yadav‘ trend on Twitter. However, now it appears that  the TOI’s journalist wasn’t so sure about its sensational report and decided to pull it down. It did not name any legit sources for information, and had not confirmed the same with the Housing team.

Update: Times Group’s ETTech has now published the same article again, with the update that he has not quit.

Times Internet’s MagicBricks is directly competing with, and this is being touted as an attempt to create instability within the company and the market by some other online publications.

BCCL and Yadav already have blood between them owing to their earlier spat when Economic Times had reported that Housing’s investors are going to replace Yadav as the CEO of the company. Yadav in turn responded to this through an email to his employees stating that Times Group is trying malign Housing to safeguard Times Internet’s MagicBricks. Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. (BCCL), the holding company of Times Group sent a legal notice to the Housing, seeking an apology and $16 million (Rs.100 crore) in damages against alleged defamation. We do not know how that ended.

It appears that this fight isn’t going to die out any time soon. Was Rahul Yadav right? Is Times indeed trying to defame Housing for its own benefit? Or was it just a sheer mistake by an overenthusiastic reporter? Since Yadav isn’t among the people who hold their silence, he responded to this too through Facebook, metaphorically calling TOI his girlfriend.

Why do you need a girlfriend when you have Times Group 🙂

Posted by Rahul Yadav on Thursday, June 25, 2015

While this love-hate relationship between Times and Housing continues, however this news actually turns out, one would certainly be at the losing end.

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