Online Guide to Draw your Target Group to an Event

Sales leads, referrals and networking are the lifelines of any event related business. Although the statement is true in most of the cases, the fact is, marketing an event is not an easy task. What makes an event a huge success, is getting the prospective customers enthused about the upcoming event. Marketing an event should be initiated by first identifying the target audiences. An understanding of the demographics of the target audiences would be useful in determining the types of marketing messages and adopt them to be most effective in persuading the intended audiences for the event.

Whether venturing into online marketing for the first time or having experimented with it before, a high impact digital marketing plan can have a positive impact on the event’s bottom line ROI. Depending on the expected ROI, which can include attracting participants to the event, gaining more sponsors and exhibitors, increasing visibility and engaging with current and potential association members, a digital marketing plan must begin with the end goal and work its way up.

In today’s digital era, it is essential to build an online asset and the internet provides the largest network for generating sales leads. In view of this, the event organizers need to develop an attractive landing page for the event and create active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These online assets are not passive outlets but definitely have the unique capacity to drive unique prospects. In order to reach the maximum potential of these online assets, the organizers need to participate in discussions, share their experiences and join groups where they can leverage the asset to others.

Building a content strategy is essential to market the event online because behind every great plan, there is content. However, a passive attitude might not be a very great stance; creating content and just waiting for visitors to show up and engage with the organizers does not happen simply. A content strategy comes with planning and includes an editorial calendar, a social plan, engagement efforts, optimization, measuring conversions and more. Content strategy ensures that the content gets seen by the target audience. Therefore, before belting out article after article on the computer, it is mandatory to first identify the target audiences and be clear of the results expected out of the action. Every marketing effort has to be measured. It is an essential element of any successful digital marketing plan.

Following content strategy in terms of tactics to be adopted for online marketing is implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In sync with content strategy, a foolproof digital marketing plan includes search engine optimization. Both combined together not only ensures that the content is reader friendly, but also search engine friendly.

Optimization should also not be restricted only to content, but should be extended to websites as well. The landing pages should be user-friendly and straight to the point. Utilize the USPs of the event on the website to gain traction; a video or slideshow of images, the benefits of attending your meeting, client testimonials and a solid call to action. It is also important to focus on the architecture of the website. The beauty of a great digital marketing plan is a great website. A great website is easily accessible and the components are arranged properly such that the user finds whatever is required in the website. It is of absolute importance because this is the first interaction people will have with the event organizers before they sign up for the event or register for the services.

We live in an era where a robust digital marketing to draw your target group to an event is quintessential. There are many elements that come with a great digital marketing plan therefore it is of prime importance to plan the event with the right strategy equipped with the right tools.

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    Great read. Contest strategy is something most new contest holder miss out on planning, and as a result their content/event don’t gain the required exposure or traction and frizzle out to be a ‘also ran’. I am in SEO industry myself, and have come across general website owner apathy to optimization. While bigger companies are taking to it very well, the SMB sector of India is still lagging far on optimization front.

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