MunchEm: A Startup that Provides New Channels to Restaurants to Make Additional Revenue

What is MunchEm?

Florida-based MunchEm is a marketing software startup that was launched in April 2013 by Prasad Vemulapalli, with an aim to empower local restaurants with technology and tools to tap the potential customers. Its business model include two verticles – MunchEm and OrderEm.

Shown Above: MunchEm's Founder Prasad Vemulapalli (Right), Image Source

Shown Above: MunchEm’s Founder Prasad Vemulapalli (Right), Image Source

MunchEm is a food ordering app & website that allows users to order their favorite food from near by restaurants, and gets delivered directly to their doorstep. They can pay online with a credit card or with the help of PayPal account or pay when they pick up. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone users.

OrderEm provides free software to restaurants and delivery service companies, to create their own apps and websites. It is a zero cost solution to restaurants. Restaurants pay a commission fee only when orders flow-in.

Using OrderEm, restaurants have complete control of their Custom App or  Website. They can edit menus and upload photos from their phone to manage their website/app from any location.

Initially, the startup was launched in the USA & India (Vijayawada), and now it is building up restaurant clients in Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad , Bangalore etc.

What problems is it solving?

It enables new channels for restaurants to make additional revenue with its online ordering. The startup’s SaaS software and tools enable restaurants to change menu, content and delivery zones from their phone, which in turn automatically updates in real time information in their website & app, as well as to discovery MunchEm app.

Funding & Investment

The startup has raised a funding of around $1,450,000 till now. Now, it is looking to secure around $2-5 million and plans to use these new funds to scale its operations, to grow its sales in 25 cities.


It is competing with other players like GrubHub, Zomato, Yelp and ChowNow.

Present Status and Future Plans

The startup has over 200,000 menu items offered by 2,000 restaurants in the MunchEm system. It has already benefited over more than 1000 customers from these services.

Its future plans are to help food lovers in the 100 Smart Cities that Indian Government is creating. Simultaneously, it plans to be in 25 cities in USA in 2015.

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  1. 1

    I disagree with ChowNow assessment vs MunchEm. MunchEm provides platform for our drivers where no one else in the industry provides. Our drivers performance increased with their app. ChowNow apps are very basic in comparison with MunchEm app features which include Loyalty, Slider Push Notifications, and Personalized promotions. I suggest the users to ignore the following comments and evaluate your needs. Seems the following post is more towards hatred about Indian businessman than true comparison. MunchEm value proposition is much higher than the competition. I plan to use them for long term for my business.

  2. 2

    I looked at this app and it doesn’t come close to what ChowNow provided to my business (flat fee, no percentage commission, full service or self service for no extra cost), plus it’s going to be way more expensive long term! No intelligent business owner would buy this. I don’t understand why someone would try to out-GrubHub GrubHub either, there are more than enough marketplace/discovery websites for restaurants. The last thing we need is more of them. Before I owned a restaurant of my own I sold to Indian businessmen and I would never purchase anything from one after the experience of selling to them. Most are unprofessional, harsh negotiators and they just take, take, take from people. Maybe great for India, but not for the US!

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