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Israeli Big Data Startup SQream Tech Raises $7.4M Funding

Israeli big data startup SQream Tech announced that it has raised $7.4 million in Series B round of funding. Blumberg Capital led SQream’s Series B round, bringing the company’s total funding raised to date at $11 million. As a part of this investment, Blumberg Partner Alon Lifshitz is also joining SQream’s board of directors.

The company gains attention as its platform uses only a single server with one GPU (graphic processing unit) accelerator. SQream also claims that its SQL (structured query language, a computing language used for relational databases that big data companies use to process large amounts of structured data)  software platform can load, compress, and analyze up to 100 terabytes of raw data in close to real-time.

The new funding will be used to expand the company’s large-scale data processing platform, according to Geektime.

The company claims that its patent technology which only uses single server has unparalleled applications in fields which need to analyze immense amounts of data, such as genome-related research, cyber security detection and prevention, IoT and telecom data management, and financial predictions.


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