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Google Confirms Agawi’s Takeover

Google has confirmed its acquisition of startup Agawi which allows users to stream and use the applications before making a decision of purchasing them. The startup is said to have been silently acquired last year, but Google confirmed the news now only after it came into media limelight.

Agawai’s Twitter account was inactive since 2013, its website was also not functional and three of its employees were already working with Google as their Linkedin profiles mentioned, including the firm’s Co-founder, Rohan Relan. However, Peter Relan and Rajat Gupta the Executive Chairman and the CEO of Agawi respectively do not mention Google in their LinkedIn profiles.

Along with streaming Android apps, Agawi can stream Windows PC games to an Android or iOS handset as well as connected TVs, as reported by Medianama.

The Mountain View firm is said to integrate the technology into its mobile advertising business and into Google Play for its users to try/preview the apps before installing them. This could be in the form of in-app ads or just a preview feature on app listing pages, letting users see if they want to actually buy or download it. The name, Agawi, stands for ‘any game, anywhere, instantly’.

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