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Facebook Ties Hands with Shopify to Test its ‘Buy’ Button


Shopify team has been working with Facebook to create a solution for Shopify merchants to advertise and sell their products using Facebook’s “Buy” call-to-action button. This feature lets consumers purchase products they discover on their News Feed or on Pages without having to leave Facebook.

A small group of Shopify merchants are already using this solution to post products with buy buttons, and today the company is expanding the beta test to include a variety of businesses, as the company reports in its official blog post.

The buy button will allow consumers to easily purchase items they see on their News Feed or on Pages without having to relocate from Facebook. Buying is safe and secure, and consumers can optionally choose to save their payment information with Facebook for future purchases. This will make purchasing easier, especially on mobile phones.


Today, the company is beginning a beta test of the Facebook buy button with a group of US-based Shopify merchants.

Merchants will have to add the Facebook sales channel to their Shopify accounts in order to share products with the Buy button, promoting those posts with paid advertising and managing all the customers and orders that come from Facebook.

In August 2014, Twitter was also observed doing a similar thing when it partnered with Stripe to put a buy button in tweets. With social networking sites tying-up with online shopping portals, they are making it easy and convenient for their users to shop and connect in the same place. Thus, making sure they remain addicted to their services.

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