Facebook Introduces First Game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has launched first game for its Facebook Messenger called ‘Doodle Draw’. The social network came into criticism when it forced people to download the messenger app earlier, but rolling out a game to engross users seems to be Facebook’s step to make the Messenger app more pleasurable

The game itself is a clone of the popular game Draw Something. In Doodle Draw, one has to draw what the words on the player’s screen say. The other player then has to guess what you have drawn to win.

The game also suggests what you should draw and then the other player guesses what it is once you draw. You get a limited set of colors or drawing, but you can unlock more colors using points earned by playing the game with friends or by inviting friends to play.

Doodle Draw was developed by a company called Clay and can be downloaded in Messenger by tapping the “…” button in a chat thread to open the app list, according to Techcrunch.

The news comes within days of Facebook announcing that it doesn’t automatically track your location anymore. This is believed to be the first step to modify Messenger as Facebook intends to add features like money transfer in near future.

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