Catalia Health Raises $1.25M for its Healthcare Robot Technology

Catalia Health has raised an investment of $1.25 million in seed funding from Khosla Ventures and other investors. Company’s chief executive Cory Kidd has spent his 20 years of work on developing robotics technology to improve personal health. The raised amount will be used in scaling up its business.

For around four-and-a-half years, Cory Kidd in collaboration with the Media Lab and Boston University Medical Center developed a series of robots to serve as weight loss coaches for overweight patients.

Founded in August 2014, the company designs robots called, ‘Mabu’ which provides information and support to patients suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease.

The robots are expected to enter the market by the end of the year. Kidd is also in talks with several early potential customers as reported by TechCrunch

“I see this being applicable across a range of chronic disease management. The big difference [in efficacy] comes down to the psychology of interaction. The difference is engagement. People are more drawn into the conversation with the robot. It’s more effective at conveying information.” said Cory Kidd, Catalia Health Chief Executive.

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