Arch-The Way: An Edu-Tech Startup Targeting Teacher-Student Engagement

With the confluence of innovative technologies, we are entering into a new time-space, known as the Post Digital Era. This technological proliferation has disrupted the face of the traditional, thereby unleashing a surge of possibilities which were once inconceivable.

One of the seminal areas that has transformed conspicuously in the digital domain  is Education. Edu-tech has re-shaped the educational landscape of today, and Arch-The Way is one of the contributors to this change.

Co-founded in 2014 by Rudresh Chowdhary, along with Nikhil Bajoria, Soumya Malani, Abinash Biswal and Nitesh Agarwal, Arch-The Way is a free app for teachers to connect with their students & parents on their phones. Teachers can broadcast messages & files to the entire class or receive feedback from the student parents privately.


Team Arch-The Way


“During our days as student, we saw teachers having problem with Off-Class Communication. The dedication of teachers towards their students have always been unparalleled. However, sadly, there wasn’t any dedicated tool available for them then. So, we decided to do something about it & came up with Arch”, says Rudresh.

Primary Features of the Product:

Messaging: Teachers can send messages like major class updates homework reminder, exam updates, emergency messages etc to their students or parents. They can also send messages to individual Student/Parent for sensitive issues like fees reminders or complains.

Files:Teachers have ability to send Images, audios, video, along with Ppt, Doc&Pdf up to100mb. This makes sharing study resources very easy for them.

Future Scheduling:Teachers can plan their week ahead. All future updates will be sent automatically as scheduled.

Feedback:Teachers can receive feedback privately from the students & parents & respond to them, if necessary, at their convenience.


Problems It is Catering To:

Often it is observed that there is a disconnect between teachers and their students or parents due to limited time & communication. Here, the role of this app comes into play. Arch-The Way has been designed to bridge the gulf between the aforementioned binaries by increasing engagement.

Its “Feedback” Feature has been especially designed to help an educator evolve and better his/her teaching skills.

What is the product’s USP?

Rusdres says, “We give huge importance to simplicity, safety & privacy. Our USP is the fact that teachers & students/parents do not require to exchange any contact details to connect. This has been done for the safety & privacy of the users.  Every class of the teacher is assigned a unique class code which the student/parents have to subscribe via the app. This makes its very simple & incredibly fast for everyone to connect.

Traction Details

With 6 Plus months of operations:

4 million plus messages have been sent from the teachers

70000 plus mails have been sent from the teachers.

7000 GB plus Data has been sent through this platform.

Market Competition

According to the team, in Asia, they are the first app for teachers in this segment. “The only competitor that we have somewhat is Remind, based in the U.S. However, their product is limited to image sharing and Messaging”.

Revenue Model

At present, all the services are free. The company intends to keep the basic services free in the future as well. However, some premium services would be added in the coming days, which could be chargeable.

On Investment

The company is comfortably bootstrapped. Right now it is completely focused on its product. “As far as raising fund goes, it will happen in its due course”, says the team.

Where is Arch-The Way based out of? What is the product’s reach?

It is currently based out of Kolkata. The Marketing Team consists of students from IIT/IIM/Reputed Colleges across India. It markets its product to Teachers starting from Preschools to Colleges.

Download this app- Android, Windows, iOS

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