Apple Rolls Out its IoT Enabled Homekit Products

Apple Inc. has fulfilled its one year old promise of rolling out homekit products, thereby taking a step towards smart home and smart living. Homekit allows these IoT enabled products such as thermostats and light switches to be controlled manually or through voice activation via Siri with the help of an app on an iPhone, iPad or Apple watch.

Some of the smart products launched are: A pair of lighting kits from Lutron and a HomeKit-compatible hub for Insteon’s smart home system are available in the market , and other products such as smart thermostat from Ecobee, a power outlet from iHome and a series of Elgato home sensors will be launched in July, as reported by TNW.

Another gadget, Elgato’s sensors called Eve, captures and relays information about a home’s air quality, temperature, energy consumption and see whether doors and windows are open.

The competition for smart homekit devices is rising high among Google owned Nest, Apple and Amazon’s Echo. Recently, Google unveiled ‘Brillo’ an operating system for Internet of Things. This Android enabled operating system is meant to empower all devices having a potential to get connected to smart homes and IoT setups. November 2014 Amazon had launched a smart speaker called Echo, which works as a voice controlled assistant for home. It can be used to access the information such as news a weather while at home, and play music as well. The device also provides the service of setting the alarm  timers, make shopping lists and answer questions using sources like Wikipedia.

With so many smart devices being rolled out, the world is turning smart. Even though these inventions aim to make life easy and convenient, one can never say how successful will they be or what new problems will people face.

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