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What is AllDox?

Have you lost important documents recently? Stop brooding! You can now switch to a document management tool called AllDox which will help you to save and manage important documents while on the move.

Founded by Dippankar S Halder and Dipan Bhattacharya in December 2012, the company is owned and run by PingStripe Inc. Initially, the company was called ‘TouchDox’, which was later renamed as ‘AllDox’. It is a US based startup run and owned by an Indian. It has its back-end office in India.

“Idea came in from a real life experience in the family when we struggled to put together past medical records of a family member in a critical situation. Also many times, missing car papers, insurance certificates lead to unnecessary stress and financial losses. This led us to believe that there was a pressing need for  a document management tool that was easy to use, secure, private and available in one complete setup,” said Dippankar S Halder, the startup’s Founder.

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What problems is it solving?

Alldox solves the problem of someone not being able to find important documents in urgency. This  tool helps users to save and preserve the documents and access it whenever required.

The security protocol which it follows is similar to that of a bank. It has a comprehensive account access including two factor verification, sign out timers and encryptions. It uses  for storing documents that stay safe in Amazon storage. Paid plan users can further lock their folders with a private key.

With a secure account management and document ‘at rest’ it also ensures high security for document ‘in move’. The startup ensures privacy by not looking into the content of the documents.

What are its key services and features?

The application allows its users to scan, digitize and manage their documents with its unique location along with a check in – check out feature (like a library management). It also provides the facility of uploading the document via email using AUTODOX feature and have a nominee. The application also allows a user to sign and email while on the move.

Code Locker allows users to have 4 digit code to make a folder extra private with asynchronous encryption with LocalOnly as category of documents available for a user just in case he/she does not wish to have certain documents hosted on the cloud. A user can also add alerts to pay  bills, renew a policy etc.

A time bound secure data room can be created, to share and access multiple documents with friends or associates. AllDox also makes documents available offline, it helps in cases when a user is unable to connect to the internet due to low internet connectivity. It also gives a quick upload and share feature on its mobile home page.


Who is it competing with?

There are many companies in this segment. Some of them are DocsVault, SmartVault, Personal, Docusign, Box, etc.

What is market size and opportunity?

“Frankly speaking, we do not know. It could be 3 billion internet crowd or  2 billion smartphone users. In reality all homes across the globe can use ALLDOX and we are building ALLDOX to eventually touch them all. Whats’ important is to stay focused on our users and make prudent investments to stay on course and make the best out of that, quarter on quarter,” said the team.

Company’s Present Status

Being bootstrapped, till now it has been funded by family  and friends. Some friends who have invested are Shubhajit Sen, CMO of MicroMax Mobile and Ambati Venu, GM & VP, GSK Asia and many more. The money was used in making the product, team and in marketing. Presently, the company is looking to raise Series A investment in coming 3-6 months to help build the team and scale up operations in order to increase the customer base.

The application is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, with plans of rolling out more languages soon. It has observed around 500K downloads from both, Apple Store and Google play.

The service has both web app and mobile apps for both iPhone and Android devices.

Monetization Plan

There is a free plan at the entry level and a paid plan. The company will roll out an all-paid special plan for individuals in business and specialist plug-ins, during the first quarter of 2016.

Future plans

“We are targeting to cross our first million users count in the calendar year and are aiming to acquire around 5-6 million users by 2016. We want to touch 100 million lives by 2020,” said the AllDox team.

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