Adobe Acquires Mixamo to Bolster its 3D Offerings

To boost its 3D services in Photoshop and Creative Cloud, Adobe is acquiring Mixamo.

Mixamo is a 3D computer graphics technology company based in San Francisco. It develops and sells web-based services for 3D character animation. Mixamo’s technologies use machine learning methods to automate the steps of the character animation process, including 3D modeling to rigging and 3D animation.

Adobe’s has been showing a keen interest in 3D of late. It has been constantly exploring three-dimensional type to more recent 3D printing and modeling features. In fact, in October last year, Adobe and Mixamo had joined hands to develop new 3D workflows.

Initially this act was rumoured to be an acqui-hire. However, eventually, sources stated that Adobe would only use Mixamo’s tech.

The amount spent on this acquisition has not been disclosed by the company.

On its official site, Mixamo stated that no new services would be sold anymore as it “works on integrating Mixamo products and services into Adobe’s offerings.” However, the free plan would still continue, reports VentureBeat.

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