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600M Samsung Galaxy Smartphones at Risk of Being Hacked

More than 600 million Samsung Galaxy smartphones are prone to hackers, who can take full control of the smartphone, reports mobile security firm NowSecure.

The SwiftKey keyboard feature that comes pre-installed in over 600 million Samsung smartphones can be easily hacked to give away vital user information, as Ryan Welton, a researcher with cyber-security firm NowSecure claimed at the Black Hat security conference in London.

From Samsung S3 to Latest S6 are all found to be at risk of being hacked. As NowSecure claims, Samsung was notified in December of 2014. Given the magnitude of the issue, it also notified CERT who assigned CVE-2015-2865, and also informed the Google Android security team about the threat. Since no step was taken to resolve the issue, the findings were made public, as reported by CNN Money.

The flaw allows hackers to spy on a Samsung Galaxy user easily and remotely access sensors and resources like GPS, camera and microphone. The hacker can also secretly install malicious applications and tamper with how certain applications work. They can also easily spy on phone calls and can also access highly personal data like pictures and text messages.

NowSecure advised Samsung Galaxy users to avoid insecure wi-fi networks, change their devices or contact carriers for patch information and timing.

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