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Zomato Launches a Separate Food Ordering App – Zomato Order

Zomato order

After launching its food delivery service in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in March, Zomato has now launched a separate app for food ordering called Zomato Order. The new app has been separated from its main app; it allows users to order food from thousands of restaurants around them. It is touted as the second significant feature after the rollout of Zomato Cashless earlier this year.

Zomato Order

The app is currently available in Delhi NCR for Android and iOS users and in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata coming soon. The company mentioned three reasons for this move:

More focus = less clutter = better UX. “Having two separate apps allows the company to build lightweight apps that get straight to solving the problems users face. Actions that are core to the app experience can be given priority of position, and we aren’t forced into making real estate compromises. For example, tracking Order Status in the Zomato restaurant finder app requires a few taps; on the Order app, it gets its own tab.”

Independent release cycles = fewer updates. While searching for a place to eat, and using Zomato to order online are two independent use cases for its users. Unbundling them allows company to devote attention to both apps independently, and push updates for either one as required. That mean there is no need to coincide release date to update the app.

Deep-linking = smoother app experience. Zomato restaurant finder app and Zomato Order will be linked to one another to give a smooth experience to the users. So, if user have found a place to order from on the restaurant finder app, a single tap will take user to that restaurant on the Order app.

“Somewhere along the process of testing and rebuilding, and the hundreds of feedback emails we received, we realized we had to make a decision we were trying to put off for as long as possible – unbundling our apps,” company said.

In April, Zomato and Uber tied hands where users can hire a cab to visit restaurants of their choice using Zomato app. The feature is now live for users in 27 cities across 13 countries, with more cities to come in the future.

The food tech industry has seen massive growth lately. This area is garnering investors’ interest, so much so that the market size of food in India is expected to reach Rs. 42 lakh crore by 2020. New are startups emerging in the industry and existing firms raising are funding for fueling their growth.

Also, the future of mobile seems interesting, as companies pushing people to download more and more apps. But from Users’ perspective, do they really want two Zomato apps? Only time will tell what will users’ reaction be.

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