#Velfie: An Indianised Version of Dubsmash to Cash on the New Trend

velfieThe internet has been taken over by a storm this year by Dubsmash, a short video service that lets people put iconic sounds and phrases in there videos of themselves.

To take the most out of the trend a similar application has been launched ‘Velfie’, where people can make similar videos and share them via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Line, Wechat, JioChat and others. The video personalizing and sharing app is founded by serial entrepreneurs Ankush Johar and Rammohan Sundaram.

People are posting funny and hilarious videos of themselves with popular movie or pop culture dialogues and quotes all over the Internet. A compilation of them is shown below.

The trend of a funny video selfie is on such a rise that Velfie despite being under 15 days old, claims to have over 10,000 downloads daily, and is trending as the top 3 apps on Android.

The app is available on Android and iOS and the Founders claim that it has already seen massive adoption across India, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey and across over 150+ countries

However, the question of the hour is, are the personalized selfie videos a passing trend? or something substantial for future?

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