Uber Attempts to Fit In Further by Accepting Cash Payments in Hyderabad

Uber (1)

Uber is yet again trying to adapt itself with the diverse behaviour and consumer traits prevailing in India. After shedding off its ‘posh’ cab provider image by introducing low fare cabs, (and even autos!) the company is adding one more experiment to this list for making Indians happy.

It will start accepting cash payments in Hyderabad to acquire customers. The company does not accept cash payments in any other city globally. With its newly introduced model it aims at understanding customers behaviour, preferences and usage trend.

“Hyderabad was the only city specifically selected for this experiment because it provides us with the right environment to test a new payment option amongst a sizable and sophisticated rider and driver community,” said Siddharth Shanker, Uber’s Hyderabad general manager.

In April, Uber introduced cash payments for its autorickshaw service in Delhi, again an India specific business. And now the company is trying the same model with cabs in Hyderabad.

As per an ET report, Uber’s competitors such as Ola, Meru and TaxiForSure have had cash payment model since their inception. Initially when Uber was launched in India, it started with cashless credit card transactions as the only mode of payment, however due to RBI norms it had to change this practice and integrate Paytm wallet for all customer transactions.

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