Tars: A Whatsapp-Based On-Demand Assistance For Everything

Co-founded by Vinit Agarwal and Ish Jindal, Tars is an on demand service which uses Whatsapp to take users’ requests like Google search, making phone calls and reservations, read through reviews, compare prices, order a Pizza, call for a Plumber etc. Also, if requested, it provides local expertise on the subject and helps the users get the best.

The website claims, Tars is partially an artificial intelligence that operates with aids from local experts.

How Do You Use Tars?

The process is extremely user-friendly and time saving. All you have to do is, save 9900876785 to your contact and send your request through Whatsapp. Put forth your query and receive the response accordingly, in no time.

It will ask you the relevant information like your mail or address the first time it needs to serve you. Post that, TARS knows and remembers who you are.

The services are offered throughout the week from 10 AM to 10 PM.

tars 1

Are its Services Chargeable?

Payment depends on the kind of service you demand. For example, if you have a query like – “Which are the best dining places in Malviya Nagar area, New delhi?”, Tars would furnish a list of best known restaurants in that locality. Also, it would offer its own suggestions, based on its expertise. Chat services like this, are totally free.

However, if you want to book a train ticket or order for a product, the service would be chargeable. Tars will take care of the entire process except the transaction. For payment, it will send you a secured payment link powered by Instamojo where you can fill up the details.This link has 128-bit encryption and securely transmits information to the respective banks for payment processing.The booking would be made on your behalf.

You will be charged only the listed price of that service. There won’t be any booking charges or additional/hidden charges, rather it adds relevant coupons too, if applicable.

Brownie Points to Tars!

Apart from rendering services and convenience, Tars spares the users from the hassle of downloading an extra app on his/her phone(since it uses Whatsapp as it platform), thereby saving memory and additional phone CPU usage.

Way Ahead

Currently Tars is based out of Bangalore but it is operational pan India. It has only been a month that its services have been rolled out. Given the fact that it is a newbie in the market, its back-end services are still at their workshop stage.

The model of this product is similar to that of SMS-based on-demand delivery service- Magic. While chatting casually with Tars on Whatsapp, I said, “You resemble Magic. Dont you?”. It came up with a quirky swag saying, “Yeah, but we are able to handle much more complex tasks. Try us 🙂 .’’

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  1. 1

    To be precise, we launched on the 18th of May. You could have just pinged me on whatsapp and asked me right away. Why did you make the effort to go through the whois details. That’s what am here for. To get you anything you need help with 😛

  2. 2

    All the information furnished above has been verified by Tars. However, taking your claims into consideration, we request Tars’ team to confirm the fact and we can update the article accordingly, if required.

  3. 3

    Looks like TARS is a copy BOT

    GENIE started operations on 13th May 2015 and TARS domain was registered on 14th May 2015.

    Seems the writer has been misguided regarding the fact that, “It has only been a month that its services have been rolled out.” It not even 15 days yet.

  4. 4

    Is really reply so prompt? In third image within a minute they were able to tell price as well along with the delivery time to customer for their order . Although time is wrong shown there 😛

  5. 8

    Thanks for pointing it out. The screen-shot has been picked from Tars’ website. We expect their team to respond to your comment.

  6. 9
    • 10

      Looks like i spent some unaccounted time on miller’s planet near Gargantuan. Thanks for pointing it out, fixed it 🙂

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