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Talview: A Startup Trying to Revolutionise How Hiring Processes Are Done


What is Talview?

Talview (previously known as Interview Master, but when the company entered global market it named itself as ‘Talview’ which stands for Talent+View) is a video tool to conduct interviews anywhere & anytime.

It allows potential candidates to give asynchronous (recorded) video interviews based on preset questions based anywhere in the country at any time convenient to them. The startup also offers a synchronous/live interview platform customized to work with bandwidth constraints specifically for the Indian market along with video proctored written assessment modules, code evaluation modules, hiring analytics and talent engagement module for its customers.

The startup also provides automated notifications. It acts as a first level-screening tool for recruiters. The platform has been optimized to run at bandwidth as low as 128 kbps i.e. 2G networks.

The Bangalore based startup was founded in May 2012 by Sanjoe Jose, Tom Jose, Mani Subramanian and Jobin Jose.

What problems is it solving?

Talview helps reduce the time spent on first level screening thus bringing about significant efficiency in the recruitment process and brings about improvement in hiring conversion ratios. It has improved conversion ratios in face-to-face interviews from 16% to more than 70% for its clients. It also solves the time consuming problem of scheduling interviews (coordinating calendars) between recruiters and candidates.

Other benefits include reducing fraudulent interviews through a robust proctoring mechanism and having an audit trail of interviews to ensure quality standards across the organization. The platform also provides an impetus to social media and referral hiring for clients by making it possible to screen more candidates at each level and also help them respond in time to almost every candidates who applies thereby improving an employer’s brand image.


Who is it competing with?

Currently, the startup is competing with and

Present Status and Future Goals?

Mayfield Fund & Venture Nursery have invested around USD 1 Million in the startup in June 2013. The funding was used for marketing and team building.

Presently it has 1000 clients globally including 80+ enterprise clients in India . More than a million interviews has been conducted in 102 countries. The startup has also won many awards. Some of the many laurels it has grabbed are, Talview awarded best startup at TiE Summit(2013), Talview among  top 5 at Bangalore IT Biz(2013), Talview one of five winners of the Great Tech Rocketships Initiative!(2015).

Some of its clients are Cognizant, TATA, Team lease, ABB, abc Consultants, JSW, Wockhardt, etc.

“We are working on an exciting line of products and features which will leverage advanced NLP, strong AI and Semantic Search methodologies to find the best fit talent in the shortest possible time,” said Tom Jose, Cofounder & CMO, Talview.

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