Social Samosa Sold for Approximately Rs 2-3 Cr to Private Investors

Image Source: youthincmag

Image Source: youthincmag

Social media news portal Social Samosa has been sold to private investors for an amount which has not been disclosed publicly. However, according to sources, the company has been sold off for approximately Rs2-3 crore.

Co-founded by Ankita Gaba and Aditya Gupta, the website socialsamosa. com furnishes social media news, trends, online campaigns and technology reviews, among other things. It has 10 over employees, and as per one of the aforementioned people, the “company until now was making an average revenue of Rs 70 lakh per annum.”

Gaba and Gupta refused to comment on the matter.

Gaba is also a co-founder of GetEvangelized, a platform that will help thought leaders and influencers on social media find digital endorsement opportunities from brands and agencies in their campaigns. It will also measure the impact of such engagements. Gupta has been involved with another startup, iGenero, a digital interaction agency that specialises in branding, web-based products and digital strategy, reports the  ET.

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