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Shareboard: An Indian Startup Creating a Global P2P File Sharing Product

What is Shareboard?

Incubated at Joyful Frog Digital Incubator and supported by FbStart , Shareboard is a cloudless mobile file sharing app which renders a provision to the user to share file/files with the contacts enlisted on the device and as well with nearby users in a fast, seamless and hassle-free manner.

The technology was co-founded in October 2014 in Bengaluru by a team of five tech savvy besties – Pawan Kumar, Divyanshu Singh, Arpita Singh, Gagan Chaudhary and Ranjeet Kumar (all graduated from IIT BHU).

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“The idea was conceived when we were not able to share holiday trip photos and videos with each other. At last, we had to copy photos & videos from mobile to desktop then to hard disk and personally reach out friends to pass it. Apps like Whatsapp not only have file size limit but also reduce the quality; similarly, Dropbox takes lot of time to upload data on cloud,” says Pawan Kumar.

What are its Features

  • Shareboard allows browsing and downloading files directly from friend’s mobile using peer to peer technology and transfers data directly from device to device without storing them on cloud, which makes the process much faster than cloud services.
  • Shareboard is designed for scenarios where it is unnecessary or undesirable to use cloud services for file sharing. Cloudless sharing is a useful complement in situations common in emerging markets, where bandwidth is limited or expensive – users can still share files with others quickly and for free.
  • With its inbuilt notification, users are automatically notified when they receive files. Even on network loss, files are automatically resumed from where they had stopped.


What Problems is it Addressing?

Despite the availability of a myriad of apps in the market, file sharing on mobile devices is still a time-taking, complex and complicated process. While some apps restrict on size and type, others have their limitations when it comes to preserving the quality of the file. Similarly, there are a few which operate only within Wi-Fi.

Likewise, in most campuses or corporate LANs, we see people still using hard disk, usb sticks or expensive cloud services to share files.

Shareboard is free from the aforementioned handicaps. With this app, users can share any size or type (photos, videos, documents, apps, folders etc.) of files instantly. Sharing files of any size (1MB or 10GB) is just click away and happens within seconds as there is no upload required at the time of sharing. These files can be shared with one individual or more than group of 100 people at the same time.

Further, through this app, one can share files within same LAN without using Internet data and hence, the user can save on internet data charges. (One can transfer 2GB of data within 15 min on LAN.)

How Big is the Team?

At present, it is a team of five. However, they are planning to increase the number soon.

Traction per Month and Monetization

The app has 2500 registered users. After launch of the version 2.0, the company is witnessing a conspicuous growth of 1000 users per month. It is based on Freemium model and would be releasing Premium application in future. But at present, it is looking to expand user base of the free version.

Future Plans

“We are currently working on Windows Desktop App which is planned to release in June. Next, we will support other platforms such as Windows mobile app, iOS mobile app, Mac Desktop app. We also have plans for marketing of Shareboard in Indian colleges through our college representatives and sponsoring events,” states Pawan.

On Market Competition

The team believes, peer-to-peer solutions like AirDrop, Firechat, FrostWire and Wi-Fi Transfer work only on local WIFI and do not failover to cellular data. AirDrop is very polished but iOS-only. “We will work across multiple platforms – this is the same advantage, Dropbox had over iDrive. And we are designed for persistent, browsable file sharing rather than push-style messaging.”

Justifying the app’s credibility, the team added further-

“All these solutions work one to one, contrary to us; we can share files to 1000 or more people at the same time. Even traditional messaging apps like Whatsapp and email fail to deliver this service optimally.

Similarly, although Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Huddle can share files, cloud solutions are slow in low bandwidth and can be expensive.”

On Fund Raising and Investment

Shareboard was incubated at Joyful Frog Digital Incubator in Singapore and is now in touch with angel investors to raise its next round of funding.

To download this app, click here

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