Nikola Labs Launches an iPhone 6 Cover to Harvest Electricity from Air

image source: Geeky Gadgets

image source: Geeky Gadgets

American energy harvesting company Nikola Labs has launched a special cover case for iPhone 6. The cover converts the wasted 90% of energy that the phone produces in trying to pump out a cellphone signal, and puts it back into the phone, thus, powering the phone for up to 30% longer.

The cover is not an extra battery, it simply works passively. Essentially, it is harvesting back the ambient RF energy already being produced by the phone, according to TechCrunch.

The product was launched by Nikola labs in the building where scientist Nikola Tesla used to live. Cover case will be released in the market within one year, in partnership with the Ohio State University, where the technology was originally developed, and from where they have licensed the technology and patents.

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