Nasscom Innotrek 2015 to Take 39 Indian Tech Startups to Silicon Valley

National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is all set to host the second edition of NASSCOM Innotrek 2015. The program started last year with the aim of providing the opportunity to Indian tech startups a global platform to interact and learn.

This year 39 startups have been shortlisted who will be taken to Silicon Valley with an aim to provide this group of Indian technology entrepreneurs & founders, an opportunity to get encouraged through workshops, networking sessions, investor panels, expert roundtables and corporate briefings with subject matter experts and global veterans.

As Business-Standard reports, the week long program will start on 11th May 2015. The startups will get a chance to gain an insight into the technology market along with networking opportunities with the Silicon Valley investors, entrepreneurs and service providers. This year the program will focus on  practitioners networking and peer to peer interaction which will enable startups to learn from their counterparts in the valley.

Following are the 39 selected startups for the InnoTrek 2015:

Airwoot: It is an intelligent social media helpdesk that uses machine learning to automatically bring out intent-based conversations that require a brand’s attention such as customer queries, incidents and crisis situations.

ActOnMagic: This startup helps service providers and enterprises to make intelligent decisions on their cloud. It provides solutions that offers both cloudplatform monitoring and customer monitoring. It can also optimize the benefits of hybrid cloud for service providers, enterprises, and their customers.

Adatrix: Adatrix is the flagship product of adtech startup Bizense. It is a real time bidding-enabled, white-labeled digital advertising platform for telcos, publishers, and ad networks.

A2Zapps: The startups offers cloud-based Mobile-first Operating System (OS) which help in revolutionizing the way Businesses use computing for work and to collaborate within their employees, partners and customers. The OS app  is built on platform-neutral and device-agnostic HTML5 technology with industry-standard REST API, and is available on any devices at a subscription fee affordable to the smallest businesses and the largest corporations.

Adpushup: An adtech startup is AdPushUp’s proprietary patent- pending product which has a machine-learning algorithm, that has the ability to fight banner blindness. It can integrate with the publisher’s current ad server on its existing page layout and help increase Ad revenue from the user

CustomerXPs: CustomerXP is a software that enables banks, retailers, and telecom companies to fight fraud and improve the customer experience. The startup basically assists companies with the detection, prevention and management of fraudulent transactions and activities across multiple business lines within the banking industry.

Cloudaria: It is a visual content engine for brands, publishers, and broadcasters to discover, curate, and publish content experiences that are interesting, relevant, and timely for their customers.

DataWeave: The startup provides actionable data to businesses by aggregating, parsing, organizing, and visualizing millions of data points from the web. DataWeave draws data from the web and makes it available for use in Apps, Analytics and day to day decision making. It makes makes data access easy through APIs, dashboards, alerts, and visualizations. A platform where one can share experiences, opinions and passion reagrding anything, be it an instant expression, a short story, a poem, a holiday, photos, memories, a point of view or reviews on events/movies.

Flat chat: This startup lets one connect with potential flatmates, prospective owners, and other house seekers by providing location- and requirement-based matches. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Faircent: A peer-to-peer platform that connects people who have spare money directly with people who want to borrow, thereby eliminating the high margins which intermediaries like banks and financial institutions make on such transactions.

Freekall: A cloud telephony startup helps make free or low cost international calls without internet access.

FindURClass: A search and discovery platform to help one find fun activities and hobby classes. The classes range from art & craft to sports including each and every thing.

FixNix: It offers governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions. Some of the products of the service are Audit management, Risk management,  Security incident management, Policy management and Asset management.

Hoverr: It converts images for business website into a premium ad unit. The startup’s technology helps companies generate revenue by turning images into a premium inventory and every page into an opportunity which genearte new revenue by over laying a beautiful relevant rich media ad over the images.

Howdy: A web- and app-based voice application that encourages peer-to-peer learning. the users needs to press the talk (for 3 minutes) icon and he will be connected to a random WebHowdy user who is online at that moment. It is very less likely to connect to the same person twice.

InstaSafe: It offers scalable and cost-effective private cloud networks which is built on a flexible networking architecture that ensures reliability and inspires trust.

i-Exceed: A technology products and services company, i-Exceed’s flagship product Appzillon is a flexible cross-platform suite to build apps for smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

Inspire Infosol: A SaaS platform to manage an organization’s online, digital, and social presence, marketing campaigns, and convert the entire process into a socially intelligent operation.

Kryptos Mobile: KRYPTOS Mobile provides a cloud-based, DIY mobile app development platform for creating and managing cross-platform native mobile apps without writing complex software code.

LazyLad: This hyper local delivery startup helps connect consumers with businesses near them. It announced $100,000 in funding yesterday.

Loginext: Loginext provides back end technology for logistics companies to improve their operations using data analytics by a product that integrates ERP, CRM etc.

LeadEnrich: It is a marketing data management company providing solutions to enable B2B marketers reach their audiences precisely and cost efficiently.

LinkMySport: LinkMySport is SaaS platform optimised to work on web, smartphones and tablets for health and fitness firms like gyms, health clubs and so on.

Metaome: It is a big data company that works on product development strategies for life sciences.

MobApper: It helps WordPress publishers to create their apps without any coding.

Nifty Window: It is a content marketing platform that delivers  content via virtual display windows and interactive products & services catalogs from national and regional brands to help influence local searchers.

Posist: It provides a cloud based POS platform for restaurants.

ShieldSquare: It provides security to online businesses against web scraping.

S2Pay: It is a mobile wallet application for making payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Currently, it enabled for closed loop payments with selected merchants only, however in future user will be able to link credit card, debit card and other funding sources to it.

Senseforth Technologies: It is a big-data text-analytics firm that helps businesses in decision making by sorting through millions of opinions that a search engine throws up for a given product and quantifies the opinions in one place using percentage figures.

SignEasy: It is an app that allows one to sign and fill documents from user smartphone and tablet without having to print them and seamlessly integrates with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Evernote.

SmartBuildings: It offers technology for energy conservation, management and monitoring in buildings. The company enhances energy efficiency, data center reliability, comfort, and analytics for high-tech buildings.

Socioboard: It build social technology which helps businesses and brands to better understand social media and harness its real power.

Solaron: It is a research and analytics company that helps the financial services industry uncover hidden risks in their portfolio and tracks real-time performance of the companies.

Vibe: A sales intelligence tool being used by 50,000 sales professionals.

Wagmob: It builds mobile-first software and services for learning and training and has served  5,000,000 consumers and 55,000 B2B sellers via WAG Mobile software.

Webrosoft: It offers a product Smart ITS (smartphone based issue tracking solution) which has a smartphone/cloud-based tracking system that helps to track projects or complaints using their pictures and location maps.

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