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Mobile Internet Unicorns Hold a Value of $575B Worldwide

San Francisco-based mobile Internet advisory firm, Digi-Capital’s report says Mobile Internet ‘Unicorns’ (companies valued at $1 billion or more by public or private investors), hit $575 billion in the first quarter of 2015.

The report says that there are 79 mobile internet unicorns, with 69 of them valued between $1 billion to $10 billion, 9 valued between $10 billion to $100 billion and Facebook is the only one with an evaluation of $220 billion, as VentureBeat mentions.

The unicorns were identified in 17 mobile internet sectors which hold an evaluation of $575 billion or $355 billion, excluding Facebook, which acquires the major chunk of the entire identified sector.

The identified sectors include: Facebook, which hold 38% of the total value, followed by other social networking websites with a share of 17%, travel/transport sector constituting 11% and m-commerce covering 10%. The other things in the sector such as messaging, games, utilities, food and drink, music, lifestyle, and entertainment each delivered between 1 %and 10 %of value.

The following pie-chart shows the area covered by different sectors:

mobile internet report

Enterprise mobility, app store/distribution, tech, advertising, navigation, photo and video, and productivity combined were worth less than 2 percent of the total. The pie chart data is an analysis of last 12 months.


The image below depicts which company constitutes exactly what share of the mobile internet market in the IPO sector. We can clearly see Facebook and Whatsapp grabbing the major share, followed by other social networking sites and mobile gaming websites.


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Digi-Capital Managing Director, Tim Merel said, “American companies represented a massive three quarters of the value of mobile Internet unicorns globally, as well as a third of volume. Even without Facebook, the U.S. produced a third of value and volume. China produced the second-highest number of unicorn companies (24%) and the second-highest market value (10%).”

With the growth in smartphones worldwide, we see a surge of growth in mobile internet companies. These days mobile phones have become mini computers which enable all kinds of transactions (mCommerce) and fulfill other requirements.

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