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What You Think You Know About Marketing Your Startup

As a startup you’ve probably run through your business plan a million times, spoken to umpteen people – friends, family, mentors, advisors and hopefully, gained few customers fairly quickly. In terms of marketing, you promote your brand on social media, send emails and newsletters via Mailchimp at regular intervals and start an SEM campaign to pull traffic to your website. If you have an app or website, you also end up sending messages to customers via SMS Gupshup or Twillio along with in-app notifications.

However, when it comes to getting insights on your customers and communicating with them, if you’re relying on your gut instinct, on the homework you did when you started out, or on the data from a horde of tools that you now don’t have time to check then you need to continue reading. Here are some common misconceptions you might have:

I am already aware of what my customers want.

We are sure you do. But can you pin point when a customer dropped off from your product or service or how they interact with your business? You need a tool that makes all your customer data (behavioural & transactional) searchable and available wherever you are. This enables you or your team to make better decisions regarding marketing communications based on hard core customer data.

I already have tools for analytics, email, SMS, push & my transaction database. I’m covered.

Yes, you are! But you’re also going crazy logging in to separate tools for each specific action! Your data is lying in silos on each tool & it’s impossible for you or your team to make sense of it all & get a holistic picture. It is possible to access customer data on a unified platform and act on it. It helps you easily communicate across multiple-channels (Email, SMS, Push Notifications) and also connects this data to internal systems through webhooks.

I already communicate with my customers by sending newsletters to them.

Well, your competitors are doing much more than that! Triggered messages based on what your customers do or don’t, on your website or app, have 4X better engagement rates than traditional newsletters. You need to take advantage of reaching out to your customers at the perfect time.

I only care about open rates and CTRs. It tells me everything I need to know.

There’s more to just open rates & CTRs. And don’t let agencies or marketing professionals tell you otherwise! There are tools that tell you what actions your customers have taken on your app/site after customers have opened or clicked on your message, so you can measure the actual effectiveness of your message. You can even set ‘goals’ like bringing more visitors to your website, getting more signups, reducing customer churn/customers slipping away etc. In fact, if you are an eCommerce portal, it is actually possible for you to treat every single email as a ‘goal’ where you can actually see sales going up as a result of your email!

Example: Your goal is to sell $15,000 worth of stock on in the electronics department over the weekend This involves getting customers to visit your website, visit the electronics category and then collectively buy worth $15,000, but you can quickly see the financial summary of your customer actions on this one single email you have sent out!

Nudgespot Goals

In short, there are metrics like web visits, time spent on your app/website, sign-ups, CTRs, open and click rates that are good to know, but they paint a one sided picture of your business. Knowing your customer takes a different set of metrics altogether. And when you use those metrics to communicate with your customers, it turns your customers into brand ambassadors for your business via intelligent customer communication and of course, profitability.

About Nudgespot:

Nudgespot helps businesses interact with their customers via emails, SMS and push notifications. Think of Nudgespot as a hot-line between your business and your customers

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