L’Oreal Attempting to Print Human Skin with 3d Printers

Makeup and Cosmetics giant L’Oreal is in process to print out human skin via 3d printers with a collaboration with Organovo, a startup that uses bioprinting technology to create human tissue.

L’Oreal already grows thousands of human skin samples per year in its labs in Lyon, France in order to test and enhance its products. It seems the company needs more of human skin tissue capable of replicating the body’s biological functions.

The company will use Organovo’s ‘NovoGen Bioprinting’ Platform to print skin tissue. The process involves identifying “key architectural and compositional elements” of the targeted tissue and creating a specially formulated “bio-ink,” or multicellular building block, for it. The tissue is then built in vertical layers.

Process similar to this has been suggested for healing burns and facial injuries where skin is badly damaged.

L’Oreal’s current skin-farming technique involves breaking down skin tissue into cells, feeding those cells a special diet, and growing them in an environment that mimics the human body. The original cells come from tissue donated by plastic surgery patients.

Out of the donated cells, the company has to sell half to pharmaceutical companies and competitors which may be the reason why company needs to grow its own stock now, reports Verge.

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