iYogi Launches ‘Digital Service Cloud’ an Open IoT Platform For OEMs

Tech support company iYogi has been making moves to penetrate opportunities in growing IoT market, and today they have announced the launch of a ‘Digital Service Cloud’ an Open IoT platform which is built on Microsoft Azure.

The platform will enable IoT OEMs to deploy, monitor and manage devices for various needs of end consumers. It will enable the OEMs to focus mainly on the hardware and plug & play the Cloud for better device management.

Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform is the latest version of Digital Service Cloud, and uses various Azure modules including the Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, Azure DocumentDB and Azure Machine Learning in its core.

Regarding the product, iYogi CEO, Uday Challu said, “More than four years, and $35 million have gone for developing our platform – and we believe this is exactly what is needed by IoT innovators. It’s easy to set up, and can scale from one-digit to over a million transactions quickly”

iYogi has also launched the Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Partner Program, to support the growth of the IoT ecosystem. Under the program, start-ups can use the platform for free, for up-to one million devices, and will receive additional resources and development support. The company will create a showcase of more than 100 IoT solutions over the next one year.

The Launch comes in less than a week of Google Brillo’s launch, an operating system for low-powered devices that are compatible with  a smart home or internet of things setup.

The IoT market is only going to expand worldwide, and as per predictions by Cisco, 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Thus, internet companies like Google, Microsoft as well as new players are trying to tap the market sighted to be the future.

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