[Infographic] What is Going to be the Future of Domain Names?

Before starting a new website or even starting a new business itself, one of the most important decisions people have to make is choosing a domain name. A domain name is identification string that are used in various networking contexts, application specific naming, and addressing purposes.

In the past few years, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has been busy in adding new TLDs. It has received close to 2000 applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Out of these, 779 was approved & posted and 153 withdrawn.
The below infographic shows that what will the future of the web look like with all these new registrars, and who will own all the new TLDs? It also states that out of seven original TLDs developed in 1985, the  ‘.com’ is the most popular domain by far, along with .net, .org, and .info. Check out more details here.
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  • Vivek Yadav

    Amazing info-graphic and well made design to keep the facts and info till the necessary required, i’d advise to to link some sources for these facts aswell

  • Eliot Cunningham

    Great infographic! Can be very hard to explain without visual aid.

    I work for the .CEO Registry and have recently launched the gTLD .CEO exclusively for business leaders to network with their peers.

    An interesting time for the world wide web and online identities.

  • friend

    Privatejet info is likely fake PR, VacationRentals was an active business, not a domain sale.

  • GateKeepr

    It is a nice IG. The today’s domains is from 2013 and a bit dated, think you’ll find .cn .de there over .biz but it difficult with statical graphics.

  • Plants-Guru

    Good information and infographic is too good.
    Realy it’s great job!
    Thanks for share with us.

  • jamiezoch

    Great job on the story Sujata!

  • Yogesh Malik

    great piece of information here. thanks