Indian Startup OneTouchResponse Creates a 911 Styled Service

Founded in 2013, Delhi based OneTouchResponse is a 911 style service that offers a national emergency help desk to help people in distress across 800+ towns and cities in India. In the NCR it has a network of First Response Teams stationed across the region which reach the customer in distress within minutes.

Founded by Arvind Khanna & Arunjit Sodhi, the startup aims to democratize safety services, make them affordable and put them within the reach of the common man. The service offers a single point of contact for all emergencies to people faced with situations such as physical threat, road accidents, medical emergencies , requiring on road assistance or just monitoring well being when you are travelling.

What problem is it solving?

There is no single number of contact for people to reach out to in an emergency. The startup provides services and co-ordinates with all 3rd party service providers depending on the nature of the emergency, be it ambulance services, hospitals, roadside assistance, the fire brigade or the police.

The startup provides immediate on call assistance, guidance and connection to the appropriate ground resource. Their verified, trained and professional team reached within minutes to handle the emergency. Users can also activate the safe call service of the startup for safety purposes, wherein the company keeps a track of its users and make sure the person is safe and sound.

How does it work?

The users need to subscribe before they can avail the service. It charges Rs. 250/- on a monthly basis and Rs. 3000/- annually. The startup also has family package, such as Rs. 5000 and Rs. 6000 for a limited period.

  • The instant a user calls OTR helpdesk or indicate an emergency via its application, the emergency helpdesk gets back within seconds.
  • With minutes first response team reaches the location with the help of GPS co-ordinates sent through the app or location shared via the phone.
  • In case an external agency help is required such as police etc. OTR co-ordinates with them and request them to reach the location.
  • It also keeps pre-fed emergency contacts to apprise them of the emergency.

Present Status and Future Goals

Presently the startup has around 10,000 users. The startup is actively looking out to raise funds and is in talks with a few investors, both in India and Overseas. The application is available for both Android and iOS users.

The company plans to expand to 6 cities in the coming 12 to 18 months following which it aims at further expansion to another 25 towns. The startup also has plans of developing special products for the taxi aggregators wherein there will be a panic button which will connect the users to the company’s command and control centre.

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