HealthOnPhone: A Startup Creating a Secure Cloud Database of Health Records for Anywhere Access

Healthcare startups have boomed over the last few years with the growth and adaptation of technology on a much larger scale worldwide. Be it locating a doctor in your area, or booking an appointment or sharing your medical reports online, technology has enabled all such features and helped adopt healthcare services on a rising scale.

One such company is HealthOnPhone, that provides a secure online cloud service (data only visible to user or the person with whom it is shared) where users can upload, manage and analyze their medical records like medical prescriptions, diagnostic reports, daily measurements like blood sugar level, blood pressure level for themselves and their family members. Medical reports from the company’s network of partner hospitals and diagnostic lab center gets directly uploaded/available in user’s account from where he/she can manage or share it with others.

The Jaipur based startup was founded in July 2014 by Ankit Gupta & Gaurav Nagar and the app was launched in January 2015. Company’s partnership with hospitals and labs helps integrating their existing softwares to provide the users with a single secure health account where they can access all their medical records and trace the history.

What problem is it solving?

A lot of money is spent in maintaining health care records and still we do not have a centralized system for it. To address this issue, HealthOnPhone enables a patient to manage all their records in one place and frees his/her from the hassle of carrying or preserving the reports. Whenever required, the reports and medical history will be available on the go.

What are its key services and features?

  • Reports from labs & hospitals get directly available on the user’s account from the medical facility as soon they are approved.
  • The app also provides information on the test and its result.
  • Users can upload previous reports and have a track of them whenever required.
  • App helps in tracking daily measurements like blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, BMI, etc.
  • It also reminds you to take your medicines on time.
  • Test Reminder- Reminds if a test is due based on the result of previous test done.
  • The platform offers an API integration for any software used by medical facilities whether it is DOS or web or windows based.

Who is it competing with?

Presently it is competing with two other India based startups with similar concept, called eKincare and RxVault.

screenshots healthonphone

What is the market opportunity and market size?

“The healthcare sector is growing at a 15% CAGR and jumped from $45 billion in 2008 to $78.6 billion in 2012 and expected to touch $158.2 billion by 2017. The factors behind the growth is rising incomes, easier access to high-quality healthcare facilities and greater awareness of personal health and hygiene. Strong mobile technology infrastructure is expected to drive mobile health initiatives in the country. Mobile health industry in India is expected to reach $0.6 billion by 2017,” says the team.

Present Status and Future Goals

Currently, there are around 1,95,000+ users who maintain and track 4,60,000+ medical records added by themselves or by their healthcare centers. The startup presently is working with 50+ medical facilities that include pathlabs, hospitals and other medical centres.

As of now, the app is available for Android users, iOS version will be soon rolled out.

Monetization model: The startup has a pay per use model, medical facilities are charged Re.1 per transaction to maintain the record for 99 years. The service is absolutely free for users/patients.

“We plan to partner with medical facilities (Hospitals, Labs, Online consultation, tel-medicine) across India and also with software vendors to enable them to provide these services to their clients,” says the team.

The company is also looking to raise funds so as to expand their services across India and spread awareness in users. There are already many startups working in the healthcare field. However, it is one such area where innovations and future holds a lot of potential. Hence a tough competition can be experienced.

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