GoPro Unveils its Plans of Building Quadcopter Drone and Six-Camera Spherical Array Rig

GoPro, an American manufacturer for camcorders, often used in extreme action video photography has unveiled its plans of developing quadcopter drone – a drone with four rotors. GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman made the announcement of the new product at Re/code’s Code Conference Wednesday.

The company decided to build their own drones and Woodman said, “I think that it’s core enough to our business that it makes sense for us to make our own.” The new product is said to be launched next year and no details on pricing were given out, as reported by Mashable.

Woodman also revealed an early version of a camera meant to capture “spherical content”. It consists of 6 Hero4 cameras (six-camera spherical array rig) and a mounting accessory. It will allow its users to shoot 360 degree photos and videos. It will be launched in the second half of this year.

Woodman commented the spherical rig is being designed mainly for prosumers, pros and brands looking to create immersive VR content.

These new inventions might prove to give a fantastic photography and videography experience to both, cameraman and the viewers. However, it still can not be said how successful they will be in bringing virtual reality close to life.

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