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Google to Add ‘Buy’ Button in its Search listings, a Threat to eRetailers?

Google is reportedly providing a buy button on its search page for the products searched on it in next few weeks. However, if the feature is in a bid for Google to become an online marketplace hasn’t been disclosed yet.

The search engine will display buy buttons only on mobile devices only when users search for products. Buy buttons will be part of sponsored (paid) search results within a “Shop on Google” page. Buttons will not appear on non-sponsored results generated from Google’s basic search algorithm.

According to WSJ, Google will continue to be paid by retailers via its existing advertising model, rather than taking a cut of the sales price, a practice carried out by other eCommerce platforms.

Clicking on a buy button will take users to another Google product page where the transaction as per product sizes, colors, shipping options and more will be completed. Products will be sold by their original retailers, and stores like Macy’s are said to be in talks with Google concerning the launch.

The move is cited as a major strategic shift and is being considered as google’s first step in eRetail segment which is dominated by the likes of Amazon and eBay.

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