Education Technology – Has the Future Arrived?

eLearning_iamWireThe new IPL season is in full swing and while I’m not a big fan, I’ve never been more fascinated by the way experts analyze each and every aspect of the game. You can’t imagine what it would be like watching the game without the pre and post match analysis. Information certainly has made the game a lot more engaging, so much so, that every person today has an opinion as to how Kohli should’ve played that ball on the front-foot rather than the back-foot!

Technology has made a real difference in the game. Teams, coaches, players take more informed decisions based on strategy, rather than impulse.

It is surprising to see however, that in something as fundamental as education, we’re still content with jam-packed classes, a ‘one-size fits all’ brand of learning and zero information on why exactly do students lose marks! I still remember meeting Harika, a Hyderabad student, who showed me an sms report that she received from her institute, giving details about her last test’s performance. All she got was a break-up of her marks by subject and where she stood in the class. Ask yourself, how is this helpful? How does she use this information to improve? In a country, where a single number, be it your IIT JEE score or your AIPMT score defines the rest of your life, this is a very dangerous place to be in.

Technology today, is personalizing education in a way, which would’ve been deemed unimaginable not so long ago. It provides critical information centered on the vision of maximizing every student’s true potential.It is engaging parents & teachers, helping students score higher in the toughest exams this country has to offer.

Imagine a test report with not just your score & rank, but information capturing your entire journey across the duration of the test. How many questions did you waste time on? How many questions did you make careless mistakes on? How much time did you spend on each section? Exactly when, in the exam, did you lose your concentration?

With the advent of education technology, learning has become more conducive, with tools like video solutions and hints enabling self-study. Students are now able to gauge their strengths & weaknesses even at a concept level, enabling them to prioritize revision accordingly. This has also empowered them to an extent where they can now plan their test attempt, with an objective to maximize marks. Cracking exams is no longer just about unlimited practice or unlimited tests, rather measured practice & limited, high-impact tests with personalized information on scope to improve further! We’ve seen that bad exam technique and wavering behaviors can introduce significant score variation beyond academic ability. Arresting these increases focus on concepts and confidence.

Simply put, technology has made scoring a science, with no scope left for confusion, frustration or ambiguity!

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    edutech is going to change the landscape of india in the next 10 years – hopefully the higher ed institutions and industry embrace this and work together in bringing about a definite higher learning outcome

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