AirStream: A Mobile App Startup that Enables Access to Media Across Devices and Cloud Services


What is AirStream?

AirStream is an app that provides ubiquitous access to content and media across devices and cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and so on, through their mobile phone. It helps its users to watch movies and listen to music from their computers and multiple cloud apps.

The app automatically aggregates media content from computers and devices and show them on a single screen i.e. user’s smartphone. After that the users can watch the content on their devices, chromecast it and even share it with their friends. It also enables its users to copy important files from PC/Mac to their mobile devices.

The app was founded in April 2012, by Jitin Pillai and Nitesh Dulal and it is based in Pune. “We are great entertainment buffs and love watching movies and sitcoms. But we soon realized the big disconnect between the worlds we live in. Most of our movies resided on our computers and we consumed a lot of content on our smartphones. This was disheartening and we thought of addressing this issue and that led to the birth of AirStream,” said the team.

What problem is it solving?

The app caters to the problem of having a laptop or a system to have an access to media files. This app will help its users to have an access to their files present on their system from any place.

What services does AirStream offer?

With the help of this app, smartphones can be connected to computers and the user can access and browse his/her entire computer. It enables an easy import of iTunes and Windows media player playlists. The app also helps in accessing cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Its Chromecast support for videos helps in watching them on TV.


Who is it competing with?

Presently, Plex is their biggest competitor. But in certain aspects related to accessing files, AirStream’s functionality is much simpler and stands out as a clear differentiator. AirFile is their another competitor.

Present status and future goals?

GSF accelerator and US based Powerhouse Ventures have invested in the startup previously. Recently, they have raised a second round of investment (undisclosed amount) from investors based in India (Angel Investors – Dinesh Agarwal, Nandan Shah) and Canada based Extreme Ventures.

Since the launch, the app has experienced more than 450,000+ downloads from all over the world. Around 20% of the userbase is in India and more than 4 million videos have been accessed on the platform. The company is presently focussing on growth. They are experimenting with monetizing and it is a combination of Ads and Paid features.  The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

“We intend to build a platform which will let people access all their personal content from anywhere. Whether it is Computers, Cloud sources or personal social media streams. In our present age where we are using so many devices and so many apps, there is so much clutter and difficult to get to what is truly ours. With AirStream we will help people cut through clutter,” says the team.

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