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[Video] A 3D Print of an Ultrasound Helps a Blind Mother See Her Baby

You can say technology has taken an advance step when it enables a blind mother to “see” her baby. Using the 3D data from an ultrasound scan and a 3D printer, one blind mother was able to feel the ultrasound of her unborn son.

With the help of 3D printing the young mother had a priceless experience. The sculpture of her baby’s face which was taken from the ultrasound image data, left the mother awestruck.

As 3dprint reports, Venezuelan advertising agency Mood partnered with its client Huggies, the diaper company owned by Kimberly-Clark, to create a 3D-printed ultrasound for Tatiana Guerra (the mother), 30, who lost her sight at age 17. They called the ad “Huggies Presents: Meeting Murilo” (Murilo- baby’s name). It was part of a larger ad campaign from the company dubbed “CountingTheDays,” and the tagline for the campaign, “Every mom deserves to embrace each moment,” had the true meaning embed into the video.

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