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Zomato Acquires Data Firm MaplePOS; Launches ZomatoBase

India based restaurant listing site Zomato has acquired Delhi based startup MapleGraph that built MaplePOS, a cloud-based point of sale product for restaurants. The deal amount is still undisclosed.

Gurgaon-based Zomato has already renamed the MaplePOS product to ‘Zomato Base‘, that offers restaurants features such as menu and inventory management, and has a built-in payment solution to accept debit and credit card payments. Base is an Android-based POS system that uses custom hardware for a more reliable and flexible product experience.

Zomato Base will have features such as Menu Management, Inventory Management, Recipe Management, Customer Relationship Management, Data Analytics, Electronic Receipts, Offline Transaction Support, Payment Gateway Integration and a stealth feature that will change the way restaurants go about their business.

“This acquisition takes us a step closer to providing end-to-end tech to the restaurant industry. In an industry that has seen very little technology penetration so far, we’re excited to be driving this change at a large scale,” Zomato said in a statement.

Founded in 2011 by Arun Tangri, Varun Tangri, and Abhishek Rohilla, MapleGraph offers software to manage menus, inventory, recipes, electronic receipts and is further working on few more features which Zomato declined to disclose. Indian players such as Posist, FusionResto and Done also operating in the same space.

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