Tydy: A Technology Startup that Helps Enterprises Create Mobile Content Systems

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What is Tydy?

Tydy (Pronounced as Tidy) is a mobile platform for internal marketing and information distribution in an organisation. It helps in creating and sharing content like images, videos, text and other media. It helps businesses to create interactive and attractive content and deliver it to mobile devices anywhere. The app also ensures that everyone is always in sync.

The app was founded in December 2013 by Kiran Menon and Nikhil Gurjer. “Having been in the technology and mobility space for some time, Nikhil & I realized that more and more businesses were struggling with sharing of information and delivering them on mobile devices. This is where the idea started from. The name was a “placeholder” that we had come up with. However, the reason for naming it as ‘Tydy’ is because we are passionate about producing clean & good looking enterprise software” as said by the founders of the venture.

What problems is it solving?

Employees and customers have moved to mobile devices. Tydy helps in providing a mobile content platform that makes it easy to create, share and collaborate on content.

The startup helps in managing the movement of content and engagement to mobile devices, making the entire process quick and easy to create mobile content. Therefore, it is engaging and empowering its employees and partners on their mobile devices.

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What are Tydy’s services and features?

Some of the services that the application helps in are generating content for sales collateral, product write-ups and updates, education and training, company briefing, event details, analytics and sales promotion & offers.

Any change made in the collaborated file from one headquarters is automatically available on all devices. It has an offline mode that allows mobile users to view content offline – text, images & even videos.

What milestones has it achieved till date?

Tydy raised $138,000 angel funding from angel investors in August 2014. Puma, Davita, Atta Galatta, Dream a Dream and others are its customers. The startup has also engaged with large Fortune 250 companies. Recently, Tydy also won the ‘Tech in Asia’ award for being a cool startup in Asia.

“Tydy intends to change the way Marketing engages with internal customers on mobile devices – and enables them to better serve customers. We see this as a global play and after successfully getting customers on board in the 1st phase and now are looking at the next stage of scale.” – Kiran Menon, CEO & Co-Founder of Tydy.

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