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TRAI Posts 1.1 Million Email IDs Online; Gets its Website Pulled Down by Hackers


Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), has published the email IDs and contents of emails sent to them by the people, regarding Net Neutrality in India. This resulted in taking down the official site of TRAI by ‘Anonymous India’, a group of hackers.

TRAI has released over 1 million names, email IDs and the contents of people’s responses in a downloadable PDF format on its website for public viewing. This data could be easily used by private organizations for spamming.

Interestingly, TRAI had asked people to voice their opinions regarding the net neutrality debate a month ago, and now a step like this evokes many questions, the most prominent being, ‘the regard of online privacy in eyes of the government.’

Hacking group ‘Anonymous’ has taken responsibility for the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and bringing the site down. The group then justified its actions as a step to prevent spammers from getting those Email IDs in their tweets.

The tweets also mocked the TRAI

The event brought an uproar reaction from the tweeteratti

Update:  TRAI’s website is up again but the damage has been done. It can’t be said how many people have downloaded that list, and how will this Government body that is meant to regulate the Internet policies in the country will justify this act of carelessness.

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