Staples Opens Up its Online Store for SMEs and Consumers in India



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International stationery brand Staples has today opened up its online store for SMEs and consumers in India, dealing in its entire range of business supplies and consumables.

Staples India, Founder & Co-CEO, Shailesh Karwa says that Staples’ Indian portal, was dealing with large enterprises only across India till now and they did not serve small or mid sized businesses.

While the stationery portal would be catering to the Indian consumers as well, the company mainly appears to be focussed on corporate sales, since for its B2B model, it plans to acquire 10,000 business across Mumbai within 3 months to start with, after which they will move on to Bangalore and later Delhi NCR.

Shailesh commenting on the response they received after opening up to other businesses as well says, We registered more than 100 mid-sized businesses in the first hour of business today. The response is incredible! We expect to register 1000 businesses in this week alone in Mumbai and trade with them.”

Further talking about their future plans, Shailesh said they aim to acquire 100,000 businesses pan India. Not sticking to a niche model, Staples India is also planning to add and introduce a variety of products in corporate gifting, pantry, furniture, tech accessories etc segments, all to be available online.

eCommerce companies like Amazon etc also deal in stationery items and other companies like, deal in stationery products.

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