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Spylight- Shop The Screen: A Shazam Like App to Buy Products Shown in TV Shows

SpylightShazam came as a respite to music lovers who could easily get to know what song is playing around them. Likewise there is an app in the market called Spylight- Shop The Screen, which will help the TV and movie viewers search for the apparel the actors are wearing on screen.

The app identifies the show or movie people are watching by listening to the audio, and then provides information about the on-screen wardrobes. The company  works with studios to identify the exact item (product and brand) that actors wear on set. For some items that cannot be exactly identified it provides similar look-alikes.

The app is similar to LookLive, except Spylight uses audio sync technology to identify the show or movie. Currently, it is available for iOS users and can be downloaded for free over at the App Store.

The company also has a website who caters to the same purpose, for those who don’t have their phone available nearby or want to search for something they saw earlier. While it does have a long list of shows and movies for which it can track the outfits, it still might disappoint some due to a lack of an exhaustive list, and also because most of the stores it lists are based in US itself.

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