[Sponsored] Still Relying on Web Analytics to Get User Data to Build Your Business?

Nudgespot1Aggregated data is useless…well almost

I’ve personally never been a fan of aggregate data in web analytics. Totals & averages are superficial and dangerous. What’s more, people believe they know their business through these numbers. Total revenue, page views, bounces are useful only from a website point of view. It probably points you in the direction of a fault line, nothing more.

If you are a marketer, product manager or handling customer success it’s clear that what you need is to understand your user.  Nudgespot helps you track your user’s transactional & behaviour data on the site or App. With data at your fingertips you can now actually go about understanding and engaging your user in a much more informed way.

Nudgespot gives you answers to questions that really matter for your business:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Are they ready for an upgrade?
  • Who is in danger of churning?
  • Who should I be asking for feedback about a feature?
  • Who are my customers in New York, who have not ordered in the last 3 months?

These are the questions that drive your business and you need answers to these at your fingertips. The advantage of using user analytics is you can then engage with those users to influence behaviour. For example, if a user is ready for an upgrade its worthwhile sending them an email telling them why it’s a good idea to upgrade.

Do explore Nudgespot for free by signing up. If you have any questions or feedback do write to me on

About the Author:

Raveen Sastry is the Co-Founder of Bangalore based startup Nudgespot, and has a long experience in the digital industry as the Co-Founder of a number of e-commerce businesses in India. He was previously associated with Hoopos, Babyoye, Myntra, Xora and IPTouch.

About Nudgespot:

Nudgespot helps businesses interact with their customers via emails, SMS and push notifications. Think of Nudgespot as a hot-line between your business and your customers.

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