Smartican: A Social Networking Startup that Connects Like Minded People

smartican startup

What is Smartican?

Smartican is a youth oriented open social media platform, which lets people meet and interact with new and interesting people, showcase themselves as well as their content to a wide audience, share their thoughts and views with the world, and explore anything and everything possible.

Founded in January 2013, by Charak Almast, Aastha Almast, Mani Dev Gyawali and Abhishek Puri. The product was launched in November 2013. “We wanted to create a community of Smart people and hence suffixed “ican” to represent the identification sentiment of the community.” said the team on being asked the story behind the name Smartican.

What problem is it solving?

Man is a social animal and we all yearn to expand our network, meet more people and most importantly get to be known by people. Current social networks are either closed (i.e. we can only communicate with a set bunch of people, who we most likely already know), or are open only in a particular category (dating apps like tinder, professional networks like LinkedIn).

On Smartican, networking isn’t restricted to friends, family and people who users already know. It enables users to find other users as well as the content they are looking for, and also ensures that content developers attain maximum visibility of their content. Therefore, the startup is facilitating social networking by providing a platform for meeting new people and making new contacts.

What’s unique about Smartican?

  • Open networking platform : It provides an open social networking platform that allows people to easily interact with new people and in the process showcase themselves as well as their content to other users.
  • High Visibility : The startup aims at providing maximum visibility of content across the platform using a systematic way. Content easily reaches the users rather than the users searching for it.
  • Made for Indians by Indians : As there is something or the other for everyone, Smartican aims at having all Indians on one platform.

Who is it competing with?

On asking about its competitors the team said, “Smartican cannot be compared to any other social networking or media platform as the concept is truly unique.  But, since we are all part of the social media industry, there will be inevitable comparisons with Facebook, Twitter & Quora.”

Present Status and Future Goals

At present, it has 3 lakh registered users. 500,000 topics are being discussed on the networking portal with 200,000 daily active visits and 20,000 businesses are also on the platform already. People belonging to 13 to 24 years age group forms 70% of the user base.

It has raised a funding of 500,000 US dollars from angel investor, Dr. Sushrut Almast,  a mentor and serial entrepreneur, and also the father of founders Charak & Aastha Almast, who believed in the vision of Motion Punch Studios and later Smartican. Smartican is the core product of Motion Punch Studios Pvt. Ltd.

They plan to raise a second round of funding as they are now looking at a large scale expansion, and scale its team from 20 to 200 employees in an year’s time.

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