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Proximity-oriented Media Platform & Ad Server Unacast Raises $1.6M Seed Funding

Shown Above: Martin Sahlén (Tech Head, Unacast) with Co-Founders Thomas Walle (middle) Kjartan Slette (right)

Shown Above: Martin Sahlén Tech Head, Unacast (left) with Unacast’s Co-Founders Thomas Walle (middle) and
Kjartan Slette (right)

Oslo, Norway-based company, Unacast which enables brands and retailers to retarget their customers online based on offline behavior, has raised $1.6 million in seed round. The investors are Trolltech’s founders Haavard Nord and Eirik Chambe-Eng, Blystad Invest, Ice Leopard Invest and New Mark Invest.

The raised funding will be used to scale its proximity network Prox and other media networks. Also the company plans to expanding its physical presence by setting up offices in both New York and London to be closer to the proximity and online advertising markets.

Seven-months old company, Unacast was founded by Kjartan Slette and Thomas Walle Jensen with an aim to help retailers and brands retarget their own customer online based on accurate offline behavior from proximity technologies like beacons, NFC and WiFi. The company is partnering with proximity solutions providers, which are focused on installing and maintaining beacons, but some also track point-of-sale systems (POS) and Web calls promoted by QR code scans of products in stores.

The company offers a Prox network to the proximity solutions providers to collect, segment and serve customer insight by understanding consumer’s collective offline and online behavior anonymously, in real-time. It also has a media platform that creates anonymous user profiles with that information, enabling more targeted marketing.

Recently, Swirl, an in-store mobile marketing platform provider that is helping retailers leverage the power of mobile to attract and influence consumers while they shop in retail stores using beacons, has raised a funding of $18 million.

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